You helped us to accomplish more than we thought possible in 2021. This impact report is the first of its kind and represents an ongoing effort to share the successes of our values-based initiatives over the course of a year. As our business grows, so do the opportunities for us to engage in meaningful ways with the causes close to our hearts. Every achievement described below carries with it others in the same spirit. They characterize our values, and by being an ambassador of our wines, yours too.

Analemma is synonymous with stewardship -an ethic that embodies the careful and responsible management of resources and permeates every activity we do. It is the why that informs our how.

  • In 2021, we took care of wild areas set aside on our land specifically for conservation. 10% of our land is wild and uncultivated.  
  • We continue to adhere to guidlines se out by our National Organic Program and Demeter Biodynamic® certifications.
  • We grow herbal teas such as horsetail to boost the immunity of our plants and use Oregon-native Blue Orchard Bees to pollinate our orchards. 

Regenerative farming practices have guided Analemma’s vision from the outset. We have a responsibility as stewards of the land – to protect, enhance, and preserve soil life.

In 2021, our estate foreman Ramon engineered our “fertigation” system. By standard definition, fertigation is the application of liquid fertilizers through an irrigation system. Through this ingenuity, we can apply AEA and Biodynamic organic nutrient applications through drip lines rather than a tractor sprayer, conserving resources and minimizing our footprint in the process.

 As a Demeter certified grower-producer, we care about our customers’ wellbeing, in addition to great-tasting wine. Annalemma wines are pure, made with less than 2 dozen hands and natural ingredients. We steer clear of 78 of the 79 legal additives for wine made in the United States; materials such as fermentation enhancers, engineered nutrients, enrichment agents, and store-bought yeasts. The only ingredients in a bottle of Analemma wine are grapes and sulfur, which allow authentic vibrancy and vitality to shine through in each glass.

In 2021, Analemma was awarded the Snail Prize – a symbol awarded to a winery for the way it interprets Slow Food values. “Slow Food believes that wine, just as with food, must be good, clean, and fair — not just good. Wine is an agricultural product, just like any of the foods we eat and has an impact on the lives of the people who produce it, as well as on the environment.” You can read the Slow Wine manifesto here.

Our vision is to foster life and build community, and you helped us make that a reality. This fall we created a truly unique expression of our terroir—inspired by nature and driven by purpose. Our Farm Dinner Series was created to give back to the hands that feed us and honor the food and agricultural workers of our community.

We partnered with Bridges to Health, a local organization dedicated to improving access to services and resources to our community members most in need. Your support of our Farm Dinner Series helped to raise $16,000 for this impactful organization, all of which went directly to support agricultural families in the Columbia Gorge.

We plan to continue offering our Farm Dinner Series in 2022. Join our mailing list to save a seat at our table, or click here to read what Sunset Magazine wrote about the experience.

Like many places around the country, fire has become a real threat to our region. The 2020 Mosier Creek Fire came within 2 miles of our property and required federal fire assistance to put out. It was a shocking reminder of how vulnerable our community is in the face of the increasing threat of wildfires.

This year, we called out for your support and you answered with a force. You rallied to help us address rising pressures in our community by contributing your time and dollars towards new facilities to keep our fire trucks and their operators safe.

The Mosier Center is more than a new fire station we desperately need. This building will also provide a food pantry, gathering space, and emerging small business opportunities for our diverse and growing community. It will serve as a Food Pantry & Space for Emergency Shelter to support our community in times of need. The Net-Zero design is based on holistic sustainability and healthy living – and YOU made it possible.

Our team showed individual initiative to improve the way we work— towards smarter methods that demonstrate conservation and leadership. Though each of these activities are individually small, together they create a conservation culture in which we try to preserve and respect.

John helped us save miles of plastic this year by implementing new tools, changing our operational practices, and adding little extra attention with the “pallet jacket”.

Ramon converted 7 acres of our farm from micro-sprinkler to drip irrigation – saving us thousands of square “board” feet of water. We also installed a soil monitoring probe to ensure our trees still receive adequate water.

Frank found a new home for our used wooden pallets and scored some brews for the team in the process. Once destined for the landfill or the woodpile, these pallets were sent to Pfriem to be put to good use.

We seek to inspire this curiosity and share our passion for the land through the production of wines that embody our values. We love sharing tangible ways we work towards these goals and can’t wait to demonstrate how we live our values when you visit us in Mosier. 

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