This fall, we reflect on finding comfort in uncertainty, and the innate beauty of community and connection. We are inspired by wine’s ability to unite us, serving as a symbol of our shared journey through points in time.

“Rather than denoting a thing in isolation, beauty signifies life-in-relationship. Most importantly, it is evidence of the cooperation of incalculable forms of life, shaping themselves into a life-supporting community…The outcome is a world where diverse forms of life belong, in the very literal sense of the word: holding membership of place and sharing interest and concern. The outcome of belonging…is a place of beauty.” – Doug Tompkins

Though many of us will not join together in physical space this fall, it is our hope that the Fall Allocation will provide us a way to feel connected as a part of a larger whole. Stories of time and place offer shared experiences and have the ability to connect us all, this year perhaps more than most. In this spirit we bring you wines from the Columbia Gorge that carry their own unique messages from the vintage, revealing expressions from the soil and the season.

Fall Release Wines

Beginning the furthest afield, alpine expressions from the Oak Ridge Vineyard provide thought-provoking ideas of what it means to grow grapes in the northernmost vineyard in the region. The 2019 Alpine Rosé is a true gift from the mountains, light in body and color but full in character. This staple of the fall bundle will surely please those who have come to love this expression of Pinot Noir Rosé. Our 2018 Chardonnay from this site conveys similar vibrancy. Lighter in body and texture with a distinct articulation of acidity and minerality, this vintage is more reminiscent of Chablis than Burgundy. “Ethereal and pleasurable” are the words our winemaker Steven Thompson uses to describe the 2017 vintage of our Oak Ridge Pinot Noir. A lighter version than past vintages, it exhibits fresh and exotic red fruit aromas, a textured palate, and a persistent finish. This wine plays well at the table and is a classic expression of the Columbia Gorge growing region.

The remaining wines of the 2020 Fall Allocation represent a decade of vision, labor, and inspiration. Our 2018 Mosier Hills Tinto is a beautiful expression of our land—a story told through the lens of a warmer vintage. Pronounced tannin and structure allude to our methods of stem inclusion in the cellar, creating a lasting wine that can be cellared and enjoyed for many years to come. 

Finally, we come to one of the most special wines born from our estate in the Mosier Hills. As a grower-producer winery, the 2017 estate Syrah is surely one of the most compelling matches of vine and terroir that we have brought into existence at Analemma. With 22 months of élevage in precious large format barrels in our cellar, this wine represents the incredible integrity and care taken at every step of the way to showcase the land we farm in the year the wine was born. Classic cool climate signatures of Syrah such as black olive and pepper give way to a lifted and evocative experience on the palate. The knowing of this wine has expanded our vision of what opportunities exist in this terroir and gives us the courage to continue listening, learning, and discovering as stewards of this land.

Included in the 2020 Fall Allocation are 2019 Alpine Rosé, 2018 Oak Ridge Chardonnay, 2017 Oak Ridge Pinot Noir, 2018 Mosier Hills Tinto (2), and 2017 Mosier Hills Syrah. 

We hope you enjoy the wines in good health and good spirits as we each raise a glass in our scattered locations across Oregon, and beyond. Though we are geographically separate, we are of the same life-supporting community, seeking cooperation and holding concern for that which we love.

Thank you for your belief in this larger vision, and for sharing this journey with us.

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