Shipping Policies

Terms of Sale

All sales are considered final and complete after 15 days from the date of invoice, or–if wine was held for safe shipping conditions–by 15 days from the date of receipt. Shipping is nonrefundable and once an item is opened sales are considered final. Due to the living and highly perishable nature of wine, products leaving the winery are not eligible for exchange or refund. Please see Corked or Flawed Wine for our policy on this subject.

It is illegal for minors under 21 years old to purchase alcoholic beverages. By placing an order for alcoholic beverages through Analemma Wines you agree that you are over 21 years of age. Any minors caught illegally purchasing wine through Analemma Wines will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Order Processing

To secure your wines, payment is taken at the time of ordering. Wines are packed upon receipt and shipped the following Monday. When Monday is a holiday we attempt to ship Tuesday; ground orders to the east coast will be shipped the following Monday. Analemma Wines is not responsible for shipping delays caused by severe weather or common carrier.

Viewing Orders and Account Updates

Customers may view an order by creating an account. Our dashboard provides information and updates pertaining to your order, such as order content, payment details, and tracking information. Orders do not require registering with an account, but doing so provides the ability to easily learn information about current and previous orders.

Changing or Cancelling An Order

Once an order is placed online you can make updates to your order by calling the winery at 541-478-2873 or sending an email at [email protected].

We will do our best to stop or change your shipment, however shipments are fulfilled in real-time and we may not be able to do so. Due to the highly perishable nature of wine, if your order has already been shipped it is not possible for us to cancel the order. Please note that we can not refund payment for wines returned to the winery after shipping transport.

States Authorized for Direct Shipment

We are able to ship wine directly to CA, CO, FL, IL, NY, NC, OR, and WA. We apologize if we can not presently ship to your state. If you are still interested in purchasing wine please give us a call or send us an email to see about alternative options for us to get our wines in your hands. We politely decline the opportunity to ship internationally at this time.

Shipping Liability

Shipping dates are approximate. Analemma Wines tries our best to ship on time and keep customers informed of their shipment’s whereabouts, but does not guarantee the exact time of delivery for any package. All shipments are guaranteed by our common carrier, UPS, in accordance with their terms and conditions. If conditions arise which prevent compliance of delivery schedules, Analemma Wines shall not be liable for any damage or penalty for delay in delivery, or the failure to give notice of the delay, and such delay shall not constitute grounds for cancellation.

Coterie Wine Storage

Our goal is for Members to obtain their wine in a timely manner. We strive to facilitate easy pick up at the winery or shipment directly to an address of Members’ preference. Our preference is to engage with our Members at our cellar door and for this reason we are happy to hold allocations over the growing season. For the convenience of our Members we will ship remaining allocations by the end of the calendar year before the holidays. Normal shipping rates apply.

Corked or Flawed Wine

Due to the living and highly perishable nature of wine, products leaving the winery are not eligible for exchange or refund. If, however, a bottle of wine is found to be damaged or flawed, we will replace the bottle in question or provide a refund. We ask the customer return the unfinished  portion in the original bottle for replacement, which will allow us to learn more about the nature of the flaw. We are unable to accept return of wine that was damaged due to adverse weather conditions if this was requested by the purchaser, or wine that is ordered in error. Please email [email protected] if you have discover a corked or flawed product. Since moving to Diam corks in 2019, corked wine should occur with radically decreasing frequency.