What is Biodynamic® Wine?

In order for a wine to be considered Biodynamic®, it must first be made with Biodynamic® certified grapes.

In addition, it must meet the Demeter Wine Processing Standards of certification. According to Demeter, “The intent of the Processing Standard is to minimize manipulation of the ingredients as much as possible to allow for the identity of the Biodynamic agricultural ingredients to come through.”

Why Drink Biodynamic® Wine?

Sommeliers, wine professionals, and wine enthusiasts alike are taking increased interest in Biodynamic® Wines because they are expressive, taste true to place, and are unadulterated by additives and manipulative production methods. As people care more about their health, Biodynamic® Wine offers a transparent alternative to conventional winemaking methods, which sometimes include GMO products and synthetic additives.

As a Biodynamic® grower and producer, we are committed to creating wines that are better for the environment and for human health.

How do we make Biodynamic® Wine at Analemma?

Our primary goal is to produce fruit of individuality that reflects the place in which it is grown. Analemma wines are true–real, with purpose and inspired by nature. Each expression speaks of a specific time and place, an unveiled articulation of the growing season and terroir.

We honor the Demeter Wine Processing Standards in the following ways:

  • We use indigenous, native yeast that is born on the fruit (pied de cuve)
  • Besides sulphur dioxide, we do not place any additives in our wine.
  • We minimize the use of sulphur dioxide and limit its use to 100ppm at the greatest.
  • We do not use genetically modified micro-organisms.
  • We protect the health of our estate by implementing safe wastewater handling for reuse onsite.
  • We do not use aids that raise health or environmental concerns, from the perspective of their origin, use, or disposal.
  • These processes are designed to protect the life of everything in our products’ chain of creation, from soil and plants to people and animals.

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